Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Plans

This snow is messing up Christmas- DAMMIT!!! I have to work Christmas eve, but was planning to take my lunch at my Uncle's, my mom is afraid to go there because she hates driving in the snow. My roomate- Martin- was going to go to Walla Walla to spend Christmas with his mom and dad- but cannot find chains for his car anywhere- pretty much a must have when traveling the Cascade passes- so now with all of our Christmas plans snowed in what to do? Go over to my mom's and eat Klub, Lefse, side pork and potato sausage on Christmas day!!! The only thing left out is scalloped potatoes, Norwegian style (no cheese- just a cream sauce)

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Melinda said...

My whole extended family is heading up to Lynwood, and I fear for some of their safety on these roads! Yikes, what a crazy snowy city!! Be safe out there, Rob. Mmmm scalloped potatoes... it has been a long time since I've had those!