Sunday, December 7, 2008

Make do and Mend Challenge Check In

Make Do and Mend Challenge: This week I concentrated on work items-
Fixed a tool I use at work (put a new handle on a Test Cock Cleaner) These are found in commercial Back Flow Preventers; Made a key to open water main vaults; Repaired some of my personal tools for work. Also I finally fixed the shower curtain- two of the holes ripped off the hooks- I took duct tape and ran it in a straight line covering all the holes. Then I used a hole punch to re-punched the holes.
So much for my week- How did everyone else do?


Chile said...

Let's see, I don't think anything was broken so we didn't need to mend anything. I had to make do at the yard sale with displays - one table with a horrible ugly surface was covered with a sheet and two large boxes upside down sufficed as emergency display space. :)

fullfreezer said...

Did minor repairs to some of the Christmas tree ornaments that were homemade that were rather worse for wear. Also shortened straps and hemmed a thrift store dress for my daughter for the winter formal next weekend.

Chile said...

PS Rob - award over here for you.