Saturday, December 6, 2008


It has been a while since I posted a book review, but I just ran across my copy of this book at my mom's and I thought it was a great book to review, especially since kids could and would enjoy it as well.
I first read this book in I suppose 1964 or 1965- Of course i didn't realize it then, as it is one of the first books I read- at the time I suppose I thought it was a book on the importance of sharing. But today it is a book not only on sharing what you have, but a book about community, recycling, reusing and yes making do as well.
Oh No! The Tree is too tall!!!

You see Mr Willowby orders a tree, by special delivery, and it turns out it is too tall. So, he gets the butler to chop off the top, who in turn gives it the top to Miss Adelaide, the upstairs Maid, who in turn has to lop off the top, and discards it. Then the Gardener finds it, dumpster dives and takes the remaining top home. And you got it- it's too tall! The cut off the top and the bears find it and then the foxes and so on and so on.

The Barnaby Bear Family Celebrates with their piece of tree

This is a perfect book on teaching kids about recycling and re-using. Everyone gets a piece of Mr. Willowby's tree, down to the lowly mice.

The illustrations are good, and the book is it's self attractive. A good read for kids and adults alike. The amazing thing is it was written in 1963. I still read it every year. I want to thank my mom for giving me this book and encouraging me to read!


Hannah said...

How sweet! I think we'll try to find this at the library this afternoon!

Robj98168 said...

I think your kids will love it PL, I read it over and over again- still reading it 45 years later!