Sunday, December 28, 2008

Make do and Mend Challenge Update

Make Do and Mend Challenge:Mended some tools at work that I use for my job. Mended my toque to keep my head warm as shown in this photo. I also Mended some Christmas ornaments- I glued a couple back together. Getting to be the close to the last update in this challenge- I will post once more- anyone else do anything this week in the Make do and mend Challenge?


Melinda said...

I'm just about to go sew some buttons onto my husband's jacket so that it will be good as new! Also mended a pair of jeans.

Stephany said...

Lets see, I glued my cake decorator back together this week.

I turned an old cigar box and a messed up felting pad into a holder for my felting needles.

I am turning a pair of my husband's cords into clothes for the dolls because they are beyond my skills to repair.

Fleecenik Farm said...

A mouse chewed a strap on my snowshoes and I didn't realize it until had to hike a mile to our car in the middle of the solstice snow storm. So we took an old nylon strap from the highchair that we don't use and hubby poped a new rivet into it and filed it down because it was a little long. We gave it a good test run today ( sunhy and 33 degrees) while iking on a neighbor's land.

Candy said...

I just found your challenge and it's almost done. I wish more of us made do and repaired. Great thinking!

Robj98168 said...

Melinda- I am always sewing buttons on- the JoAnns store calls me Button Boy cause I always need odd sized buttons.

Stephany- Have you ever seen the Alton Brown show "Goodd Eats" on tthe food network- his one show on cake - he made his own cake saw set up out of two pieces of 2"X 2" and a saw blade and turn table out of a Lazy susan- made me chuckle whne I thought about the expense my Mom and aunts went throught buying those things!

Fleecenik- damn mice- I am sure they are good for something, but I haven't found a use for them yet!!

Candy- never too late! I am hoping this becomes the norm for people instead of just a challenge!

ib mommy said...

Just finished superglueing the Hedwigish looking ornament of Joon Bug's that the dog knocked off the tree with his tail!