Saturday, July 19, 2008

Challenges Update

Sharon's Independance Day's Challenge:
Plant something: Planted a feverfew plant; a texas terragon,some strawberry plants bought on close out at Home Depot; Transplanted a tomato plant bought at lowes in my
topsy turvy tomato planter
Prep something: Made 5 jars of Loganberry, made 5 jars of strawberry jam
Harvest something: Radishes.
Manage something: Got canning supplies together.
Cook something new: Loganberry Jam. A loganberry/blackberry pie
Work on Local Food Systems: Went shopping at Farmers Market. Posted a small directory on local foods on my blog and website!
Compost, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle something: Put old computer on freecycle. Made a basket for honda motorscooter, now I can take it to the store!
Learn a skill: Learned how to make Jam, Learned how to make a potato condo. Will make one next season.

Chile's Peak Oil Addiction Challenge- No pop. A lot of Ice Tea.

Crunchy Green Goddess's Shower Challenge Still 5 minutes or less per shower- still catching the warm up water in bucket! This week did an interesting experiment suggested by bean sprout, I put the plug in the drain to see how much water I am using showering- and I found out my usage is approx. 10-15 gallons per shower!

crunchychicken's keep-yer-cool-challenge- Still sweating more than President Bush at an IQ test.

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Chile said...

Hey, that pie looks great! Good going on the sodas, Rob.