Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happiness is a New Freezer!

On the truck and ready to go!

I just found out that to buy something for an energy star rating is not necessarily the best solution. Example- I broke down and bought a new freezer to freeze a lot of my harvestable bounty this year. This decision, like any other appliance or major purchase is not easy for me as I am somewhat of a tightwad and hate giving my money to box stores. So, I did some research and a new Energy Star rated freezer, the smallest I could find at 14.9 Cubic feet, would have cost $499, and the energy guide says it would use an estimated 357 kWh per year.

The small, (5.0 Cubic foot- but big enough for me) model I bought cost 179.00 and uses only 240kWh to run for a year.

So, since I figure that math is good and 117 kWh less is better as well, so I bought it and put it in the studio closet for know. What fun to be able to pick veggies and freeze them again. Okay now I gotta go out to the garage and unplug the spare Reefer. That to me is a waste- to use a reefer for the small freezer, then cooling all big refrigerator space . Wouldn’t be a problem if I drank that much soda, but since I use a soda stream for soda, get rid of it.

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Chile said...

I LOVE having a chest freezer. The only thing I don't like is the depth - stuff in the bottom is a PITA to get to and therefore often ends up staying there a while.

Have fun with your new freezer!