Wednesday, August 24, 2011

April Fresh from the dryer!

Dryer Bags- The store bought bags from Trader Joe's, and my DIY bag

Miss the smell from your laundry sheets? I soften my clothes with Dryer Balls, but according to Allie at the greenists, they are worse than the laundry sheets.... an alternative would be to use tennis balls But they don't make the laundry smell nice... I was shopping at Trader Joes and found these neat little dryer bags filled with lavender, But TJ's being TJ's they came packed in a plastic clam shell. So of course my mind began to think Tobacco bags... Of which I was plum out of. Then I thought about my Maggie's Pureland Soap Nut bags (the bags that come with Maggie's Pureland Soap Nuts) I had a few laying around... so out to the garden to shear of a few Lilac flowers... dry them and put into a cloth bag. The TJ's ones are in a paper "Teabag" so that part is good, But I like my home made version better... I just dampen the bag and throw in for 4 or 5 dryer loads, the compost the old, spent lilacs (If I had carpet I would sprinkle on there and vacuum first) But the result is pretty good smelling laundry. A person could also use these as sachets I would imagine, and just lay them in dresser doors or hang in closets, but that would make me smell like my Aunties- so I don't go there.
Very simple to make... take one small canvas "tobacco" bag, fill with two tablespoons of Lavender petals. Moisten bag, throw in dryer with wet laundry dry as normal, use 4 to 5 times! Refill bags and use over and over

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DK said...

Cool! I haven't used dryer sheets or fabric softener sheets for years because of allergies, the environmental part was initially just a side-effect of that. Now I wouldn't use them even if I could. I don't have any lavender growing here, but I do have sage and I'm thinking it would probably work nicely with this set-up as well. Basil might be nice, too, but I think I'd much rather eat that.