Monday, August 1, 2011

Silence of the beets...

Well if CSI filmed here they would book me! You should see me hands all red with blood… from beets! I pickled two quarts of beets and you would not believe the mess. Beet juice is running rampant. Everywhere, Now I know why mom sighs when I ask her for pickled beets. Anyway, after cooking the beets I got one good Idea…. Save the water I cooked them in to blanch the beet greens for freezing. Saved some mess and reheating another pan of water! But back to the pickled beets. I don’t know why I didn’t use my old standby pickling method, would have been a lot easier. And next time I think I will grow enough to make a full batch… at least to make it worth my time! Oh well on to dinner… Chicken pot pie with a side of fresh cooked beet skins… (does that make me a cannibalistic serial killer?) Just tell Grissom and Catherine you didn't hear that from me!

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