Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Armchair Philanthropy

You know my biggest lottery dream (If I ever win a big one) is to make start up loans to people who want to start small businesses. Now thanks to KIVA, I can make that dream come true...

How Kiva Works from Kiva Microfunds on Vimeo.

Kiva is an organization that allows everyday people to make micro loans to those living in lands far away. They pay it back, you get to put it in your KIVA account and make more loans. Loan amounts are as small as $25 US. So far I have made three loans- On to A pig farm collective in Ecuador, on to a young man starting a chicken farm in Senegal, and one to a group selling used clothing in Tanzania. It feels good to give a hand up.

The neat thing about KIVA is they also sell gift cards, so you can give the gift of giving! So if you can afford $25, I strongly urge you to think about loaning it someone in need.

I invite you to take a free trial offer

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