Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekly Challenge Update

Independence Days Challenge Year 4, Week 28
Plant something-Started some lettuce and Swiss Chard, for fall crop and a demo I am planning to do for the community garden day celebration
Harvest something- Plums, My First Tomato of the year! Beets,
Preserve something- Dehydrated some plums; cantaloupe
Community: Participated in the first Burien Walk N Talk
Preparation: Got my new Rain Barrel installed need to install the down spout
Eat the food/Try something new: Dehydrated plums
Repair, Re-Use, Recycle- making a mini rain barrel out of a 12 gallon tub I have for the porch and a garbage can lid
Want not: Nothing wanted this week
Plant A Row Challenge, August 2011
Well my First Carrots are about ready to pull out of the ground and be taken to the Food Bank. Along with some plums makes a better donation!

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