Thursday, August 11, 2011

Personal Evolution

Now I am not getting in to argument of Creationism versus Darwinism, but rather talking about my own personal evolution. I am thinking (brace yourselves)… of selling my ’79 MGB and my 66 Plymouth.
These cars were great fun, if not a bit of a money pit, and a lot of work. But my tastes and interests are evolving. I am more interested in Bicycles, electric bikes and scooters, and walking. A bit more healthy and such. And a hell of a lot cheaper. I have always prided myself that my “classic” cars get great mileage and such, but in today’s economy, with the State, County and City trying to make money by adding users fees and such it is getting to be a bit much. And I don’t drive them as much as I Should or use to. Sometimes you just have to say good bye to childish things. (Big sentiment considering I am thinking of giving them up for bicycles!) But then I have to consider the following… the financial and environmental foot print keeping these vehicles, and do I really enjoy them anymore? And if I am being honest, I would have to say I don’t. I really desire the space in my garage, and I really don’t look forward to spending a whole day under a vehicle anymore. In short I am getting older. And I am in need of new toys. Time to get rid of the old!

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Chile said...

That sounds like a really great plan, Rob. I like your thinking!