Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mom goes for Color

Mom bought a Tullsta Chair with changeable slip cover years ago when she moved from her house to her apartment. Recently I went into her apartment and the chair was sitting there with no cover- naked! All my life my mom has pretty much gone with beige or tan, all of her walls painted white. God knows how i developed appreciation of color!

Mom says she wanted a new slip cover. So I showed her some fab choices from Ikea- and a few other spots I knew of

Like – Ikea Red

Or from J Caroline Home

(this unique fabric designed by my How about Orange? friend, Jessica Jones (J Caroline has a bunch of Jessica Jones fabrics for Ikea Slip covers)

Or even this home hack design seen on IkeaHackers

I was thinking Finally some color in her drab life of course she decided to go with


Way to step out on a limb with that color choice, Mom. Oh well at least she picked a good piece of furniture that can be redesigned with new slip covers. Nice and much better than buying another chair from the big box furniture store.

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