Monday, March 1, 2010

One Small Change: No disposables

Well let's see- In January, I saved printouts from work to make note pads and reuse as scratch paper, February, I insulated the exterior wall plugs and outlets to help seal drafts from coming in and warm air going out, this month I am going to ditch plastic soda bottles. It helps that my mom and Martin set me up with a Soda Stream from Soda Club. It also helps that I am not a major soda consumer. In fact I am a sparkling water consumer, while most of my sparkling water comes in glass bottles, a great deal of it comes in plastic. Anyway, since the Soda Stream also makes fantastic seltzer, Those bottles should not be in my recycling anymore!
"But Rob", you say, "what about those nifty planters, bird feeders and other art projects that you make out of those plastic bottles? No More?" Relax, says I, "I can get all those I need for art projects", (It's Called Dumpster Diving and reduces the bottles from going into the waste stream)

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Hip Mountain Mama said...

Awesome! Thanks again for taking part...sounds like you are doing great!