Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well as Ronald Reagen Told Jimmy Carter, Well There you go again, Here goes Annie Leonard again, this time instead of the story of stuff, she is telling the story of bottled water. And it is an enjoyable 8 1/2 minute movie. I played it at work and one of the guys (who originates from Cleveland) said he never knew all that about bottled water. I also directed him to the "Glass Filler"(One of those restaurant type spigots for filling water glasses) spigot in the rest room, were we have access to filtered water, thanks to a found surplus filter system... Even at work reuse is my mantra, my motto. Anyway here is Annie Leonard and the story of Bottled Water (BTW Annie has many more great movies on stuff on her website)

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Fleecenik Farm said...

Thankyou! That was awesome!