Friday, March 26, 2010

Terracycle makes great products

How about some speakers made from chip bags for your MP3 Player or lap top???
I am loving this messenger bag may out of capri sun drink pouches!
About a year and a half ago, I posted about terracycle. I love the whole concept of Terracycle. I wish they where on the stock exchange!
TerraCycle is offering a whole slew of great products made from Chip Bags, pop bottles, juice pouches. They take upcycling of Plain old consumer waste and make new products out of it. They have all the products featured on their website, The President/CEO/Founder of Terracycle, Tom Szaky, Founded the company that does everything they can to totally use every part of the garbage they use into something useful. They offer groups (and individuals) money for collecting these items that they then upcycle into great products. They started out bottling worm poop in Used Soda Bottles. But today they partner with people and companies that make a huge range of products. Some of their product ideas come from people. If you have a suggestion for a terracycle product, go to their website.

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