Friday, November 6, 2009

Local Thanksgiving- can it be done?

A lot has been blogged about 100-Mile Thanksgiving, so I am going to add my 2 pennies. This year, I am going to my Aunt and Uncles house. I just have to bring snacks. Ordinarily I bring a cheese tray and something like bacon wrapped/parmesan bread sticks. This will be a challenge for me this year, as after watching the Planet Green show 100 mile challenge, I realized that the bread sticks, while made in Seattle, I have no guarantee that everything in them is within 100 miles- the flour could be from anywhere, the bacon probably from the Midwest. The dip I make for the bread sticks - a mayo- honey mustard dip probably doesn’t come local. The bacon I can get local, but the Parmesan cheese most likely isn’t. There is a cheese monger/maker at the Pike Place market but I don't recall seeing parmesan or a reasonable substitute there. So what to do? I could make a veggie platter with tzatziki- but is the yogurt local? Are the cows that donated to the yogurt from here? Of course I realize that anything I make would be a challenge- local flour, yeast is not local; So maybe I will go up to the “Eat Local store" and see if I can get any Ideas- Mayo can be made at home, I have local eggs, but no local oil? Maybe I am being to hard on myself and maybe I should relax on some of the rules like flour and oil. I already have those things. Maybe I could mill my own flour? I don’t have a lot of those answers.

Have you done the 100 mile diet or tried it for Thanksgiving? What do you do for the problems like local flour or oil?

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