Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day of The Dead, Burien Style

The Day of the Dead, Burien Style. Burien has a large Latin population, so combining this traditional Latino day of celebration with a "wasp" twist was great. IT was also The Night of 1,000 Pumpkins- an event that stood to get the citizens of Burien out with their Jack 'O Lanterns from the night before to light them one more time then they go to be composted
The following is a slide show since there way to many pics to post:

Trio Lucero del Norte

Pyrosutra-Apparently these guys and gals never had their grandma tell them you play with fire you'll get burned (or as my grandma said "Play with matches you will wet the bed")

It was a nice evening in the South Seattle area (aka not raining) and the giant fireplaces kept all warm. As for the community garden, we (the Sustainable Burien Community Gardeners) said goodbye to the plots, glad that we produced over 50 pounds for the food bank, hoping someone at City Hall takes us serious when we say we want a P-Patch in Burien- looks like we might get one (within walking distance of the house, no less)

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