Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bling Bling- the Weekly Challenge Update

Sharon's Independence Days Challenge- Year two, week 29
1. Plant something: Transplanted Chard, Kale, Garlic, Lavender, Chives from community garden plot to my home garden
2. Harvest something: Cherry tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, potatoes, Cauliflower
3. Preserve something: made and froze dog and cat food
4. Reduce Waste (recycle, reuse, reduce, repair or compost something) - Used some scrap wood trying out the scroll saw; found an old section of picket fencing- will use to make a Holiday decoration, plus the usual recycling, composting
5. Preparation and Storage: Trying out Pellet stove pellets in place of Kitty's Feline Pine, about 1/4 of the cost of the feline pine litter- so far it is working out well. Bought new light fixtures for the garage- it is dark out there!
6. Build Community Food Systems: Working with Sustainable Burien on adding a Community garden at a low income apartment complex
7. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Roasted game hens in the slow cooker with Cauliflower, potatoes and onions that I grew!

Melinda’s Growing Challenge: Broke down my plot at the community garden; transplanted plants from there

Meat Free Mondays: Danish and coffee for breakfast, Cheese and bread for lunch; spaghetti squash and sauce for dinner, some little sugar free cookies for dessert, and some fruit

Ditch The Disposables - Couple of fails this week. I had to buy lunch from the wheel of death one night - Tuna Salad with crackers, it had a small plastic spoon built in. That and one coffee cup lid combo- although the coffee was not for me, but for a co-worker but still.

Buy Hand challenge: Working on earrings this week- 2 Christmas balls attached to earring posts, for my aunt and cousins. And of course for my Etsy shop!

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