Monday, November 16, 2009


I was lamenting that what I planned on bringing to Thanksgiving dinner could not be made local. Well I have proven myself wrong again. I had resigned myself to trying to buy as close as I could to home- for example: Parmesan cheese - I figured that I could buy Beehive Asiago an american Parmesan- it is made in Uintah, Utah 800 miles away from here. Breadsticks can come from Gai’s or rather Franz Bakery, a local Seattle Mega-Bakery.
I was talking to Greg, the owner of Eat Local about my dilemma, he said they plan on stocking local cheese , including parmesan, in their dairy case (when they get one), and he could bring it down from the Queen Anne store. It is made up north about 100 miles away Plus while I was there, I found they had flour in the store from Winthrop, WA- that is 225 miles!
As I was talking with Greg, the subject of CSA’s came up. I said I knew that his Queen Anne store was a drop off for a CSA. And I asked him if he planned to do the same at the Burien store. He said Eat local Burien will be the drop off for not one but two CSA’s- Tiny’s Organic and Boistfort Valley Farm . Imagine two CSA’s! Now my only dilemma will be deciding which CSA to join!!! Glad I stopped in to talk to Greg.

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