Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BUY HAND Gift Card Envelopes

Buy Hand for the Holidays Challenge - 2009

So you are giving up on the buy hand and buying gift cards instead??? Or ar eyou like me and gift cards are part of your christmas? Well why not meet in the road halfway and make your own gift card envelopes and holders? One way I do this is take apart a small envelope, carefully - dissect it at the glued seams, and when it is apart you have a template! Just trace this onto some old paper (I use pages from those damn Christmas catalogs that are sent to me. Or you could get fancy and use these templates to make really nice holders

Cool thing is you can make a gift card very personal- and have some hand made in it as well. Or you can make a cd envelope and give cd's with a personal selection of music on it. Or photgraphs on CD.


mudnessa said...

I had pen pals when I was younger and I would make envelopes like that with my Ranger Rick magazines. It was fun.

I stopped sending out cards a few years ago, I do have a few left over from when I did and I have a few that I got as "samples" from places like WWF or some place, so if I feel the need to send out cards to someone I usually use those. Grandmas always seem to love cards.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Rob,
This is perfect for me this year. Several of my 'gift-ees' are in need of things like grocery store cards rather than stuff. Making a crafty envelope will help it be personal and fun.
Thanks so much for posting this. I'll be making these this weekend!

junkrescuerbeth said...

Handmade gifts are the best. And handmade envelopes would be a close second!

Beth of Salvage Studio

Waseem said...

I will give it a touch for my own Gift Card envelopes when i needed.

plastic cards printing said...

You used ledger paper. :) *Dear* I am addicted to vintage ledger paper lately. Just scored me a big lol' stack