Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Etsy Shop is now open (Romeo's Giveaway!)

I decided to finally open a shop on Etsy. I call it "Another Man's Treasure". Catchy huh? Well to celebrate I am going to offer one of the things (well actually the only item in my shop right now) up for a giveaway- A dog poop bag holder. The shop describes these as:

" really handy when walking your dog- just clip the Poop Bag Holder onto your
leash or your belt loop and your set. Each poop bag holder is made from a recycled medicine bottle, so you get to help out the Mother Earth as well! Each holder comes with 3 Bio Bags, and a fancy carabineer clip to attach it to your leash or belt loop. You can refill them with bio bags or any brand dog poop bag, as well as reuse grocery bags. Each one holds 3 re-used grocery bags!"

In addition, these can also be used to take bags to the grocery store to be reused, You just need to comment on this post to enter- winner will be picked not by Mr. Random Integer Finder, but by Romeo, my dog hisself, since it was he, or rather his poop that served as the inspiration for this. Entries must be received by and winner will be picked on Friday, November 13th, at Midnight PST.


Fleecenik Farm said...

Mister Rob. You have won the recipe cards in my blog giveaway and If you could email me your address I will send them out to you!


Chile said...

Neat idea, Rob. Good luck with the shop. They'd be nice stocking stuggers for the dog people on a Christmas list. Do the carabineer clips come that way or are you bending them into custom shapes?

Robj98168 said...

Cool fleece! I promide to use the recipes faithfully

Chile- they come shaped- some are guitar shaped- probably the one I give out will be guitar shaped- thanks for bringing that up I need to say that in my store item "shape of caribineer may be different"

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely adorable. What a stylish way to scoop up poop.


janil said...

Good idea!!!!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

Tylerpants said...

I usually have to search for plastic bags then stuff them in my pocket, this is a lot more handy!