Monday, August 17, 2009

So You Are having a Dinner Party?

Now for a meme of a different variety: A friend emailed me this questionnaire:

You are having a dinner party, and you can invite any 4 couples- who do you invite?
JImmy and Rosylyn Carter- I just want to know how they stay so active in their charity work for Habitat for Humanity.
Paul and Julia Child- Intimidated? Me? Never and besides she can help with the hollandaise
Ed Begley Jr. And Rachelle Carson Begley- My favorite Reality Show Couple
Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed- My other favorite Reality Show couple. Besides it would make my Kiss Head cousin David Jealous.

2- What do you serve?
Asparagus with hollandaise sauce (duhh why do you think I Invited Julia and Paul?)

Beef Wellington (Thought I was going with beef bourguignon? Hah. Not with Ms. Child present- And a veggie burger-Wellington just for Ed!

Mashed Potatoes

3- What Wine do you serve?
Since I don't drink- my guests will get Three Buck Chuck

4. What's for dessert?
Lammington Cake from Australian Pie Company

Now your turn: Who do you invite to your dinner party?

1 comment:

Farmer's Daughter said...

Oh, fun! I'm going to do this later on.

And I LOVE beef wellington. Make it once a year for our anniversary.