Monday, August 31, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets

Yeah I got them - my dirty little secrets. I have found through those damn challenges that I can go up to a month with out washing my bath towels. Of course at the end of the month, they are likely to stand up on their own and attack me. But I figure it saves at least two loads of laundry a month. There is no secret to keeping them fresh- just make sure you hang them up to dry (that's what those towel racks are for). I figure jeeze, I am just using them to dry my already clean body. Now Romeo's towel is a different story. But unlike the pug, you don't get a ton of hair after giving him a bath so I might just hang his towel up and let it dry for his next bath as well. Sure saves on laundry and replacing towels- of course I haven't bought a new towel in years as folks give them to me for Christmas, birthdays what have you. And I always take my mom's old towels when she is ready to get rid of them. Of course she gets mad about my not washing towels every time I use one as when because when I was a teenager I wouldn't re-use a towel- ever. Funny how things change when we grow up and out of our parents houses (And we have to do our own laundry).

So what dirty little "green" secrets does everyone else have that would be considered slightly eccentric?


Chile said...

Instead of laundering the dogs' linens as frequently, I often just shake the fur and dirt out in the yard and hang them on the line to air. This includes the sheet that covers a recliner at night where Angel likes to sleep, the dog bed rarely used, towels beside the bed on each side for Polie, and towels used to dry wet muddy paws when it's raining.

Red Icculus said...

We sort dirty clothes by priority- work clothes, essentials like socks and undies, then casual clothes. Casuals get washed once a month. Work clothes with most priority get washed every week or so. It keeps needs to consume in perspective.

Condo Blues said...

I wash bath towels weekly. I can't go any longer than that before putting them in the dirty clothes hamper.