Saturday, August 29, 2009

BURIEN PRESS- A real community coffee shop

There's alot of talk about Starbucks opening Stealth Starbuck coffee shops in and around Seattle- Nice little community places hiding the Starbucks logo and pretending they are local owned community coffee shops. Well, Starbucks has nothing on Burien press. And maybe one or two things to learn from them!

Just thought you folks would like to see the coffee shop I am always talking about. Burien Press opened in downtown Burien, across from the town square, at 423 SW 152nd Street, in Burien.
Originally, the building housed a tatoo parlor! They are an old school espresso/coffee shop featuring Hand made espresso drinks. No Computer Driven machines here, folks. They also feature local made pastries and sandwiches. The atmosphere is real, all hand done by the owner, featuring a cool deck on the back of the building. The furnishings are unique as well, especially the table made of plumbing fittings. Friendly staff, and great magazines, a welcome respite in the heart of my fair city.

The backporch - hours of meditation and quiet in Rob's world!
Nice furnishings, nice location

The table base is made out of Plumbing Fittings!

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