Friday, August 14, 2009

Check Your Carbon Footprint

As a service to the readers of this blog, I have installed a Carbon Footprint Calculator for your use and enjoyment- It is also on the side blog so you can check your footprint anytime! Have fun!

Oh yeah here is my Footprint:

So what is everybody else's "footprint"?


crstn85 said...

Hm, I don't think this comment box is equipped for images, but I'll try...

If that didn't work, I got 11 tons CO2/yr, 25 barrels, 2 acres. More than 50% is transportation, since I live in an apartment and don't buy much stuff. Thanks for sharing, I like toys like that!

mudnessa said...

Cool widget, thanks for sharing, put it on my blog too.

I got 12 but I think it might actually be higher I was totally estimating on the amounts and think I was being quite low on all of them. Seems kinda low but I could just be hard on myself.