Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have found it! About a year or so ago Ms. Beth was wondering how to get a commuter mug with no plastic whatsoever. At that time I came up with how to make one out of a Canning jar/mug. One of my first posts on my DIY page. But, Not being one to give up, I have found one! This pricey Titanium mug for hikers. It doubles a a camp pot so you can cook with it. The only problem is it does come with a mesh storage bag, And Beth's cat "Soots" loves to nom plastic. But that can be reused. Hopefully before "Soots" eats it. Muggsly
And unlike my beloved Muggsly, the lid is made of titanium/metal as well. As for me, I am saving the $35 and keeping with Muggsly, but if you look long enough you can find what you want! And now I know there is a replacement for Muggsly. Just kidding Muggsly. I would never replace you! (And no, I haven't been obsessing for over a year on finding a mug- I just happened to be "windows" shopping REI and came across it, and remembered Beth needed a mug!)


Condo Blues said...

You better not replace Mugley! He (?) might get jealous and dribble hot coffee on you for revenge. :)

Anonymous said...

You're so cute and huggable like a teddy bear ^^