Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ode To My Favorite Mug

Rob in love? with a Coffee Mug? Kinky? No. My stainless steel commuter mug thaat I have had going on ten or so years is on of my favorite things. I even nicknamed it Muggsly. Still in use. And since I drink countless cups of java, I would say that it has probably been responnsible for at least over a 1000 disposable cups per year (estimate based on 3 disposable cups per day) or 10,000 cups in its lifetime,That makes it sexy-No? I thought I lost it once and was very upset. But now I have it and I aint letting it go.

Oh muggsly, how do I love thee? let me count the ways!

1. You fit in every car! That makes you the perfect commuter mug.
2. I love your Stainless Steel body and inside. No plastic taste.
3. You double as a water container as well as a coffee mug. Too Cool.
4. Although there are others like ceramic and home made mugs, you still are the classy one.
5. When I thought I lost you I was upset. I felt like I lost a friend. Sniff.
6. You can't count the number of disposable cups I have saved from the waste stream using you.
7. You fit in my hand like a glove.
8. Even though Starbucks discontinued you years ago... you still are the looker you always have been.
9- even though you have a few dents and scratches, you still are a one sexy commuter mug!
10- You keep my coffee warm.


Verde said...

Awww Rob, such a tender hearted beastie you are.

Fleecenik Farm said...

man, that is one cool mug. And the fact that you have had it so long and it still functions? It is hard to find something like that these days!

mudnessa said...

Yes it's amazing how you can love an object so dearly. I think it has a lot to do with what a mug holds, it's the fact that it takes such good care of your coffee that we love it so dearly. I was getting a bit commitment shy with my mug and then I learned to clean it and now we are solid again. Oh to love a coffee mug!