Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Miss Oprah...

Oprah- I doubt you read this blog as busy as you are. But hopefully someone on your staff reads blogs. Especially Fake Plastic Fish. Beth is definitely a Super Earth Mother, and you need to read her blog. She is an inspiration to us all. Here is a video letter she wrote to you.

I hope you get the opportunity to take a look at her blog. Beth inspires us (or at least me) To use less plastic in the house and in the world. Because of her and other eco-bloggers, I take my own bags to stores, carry my own stainless steel coffee cup and water bottle everywhere, re-use things like plastic pop bottles in the garden, quit using my polluting lawn tractor, grow my own food, reuse boxes in my garden. Yes even make my own fertilizer!
So you see Oprah, you need to mention Beth's blog on your show! Better yet send Gayle to visit her. Thank You- Rob Johnson aka Robj98168


Anonymous said...

Me and Gayle would have a fun time hanging out without plastic, huh?

Thanks for posting this, Rob! Even if Oprah never sees it, my little video is having fun meeting other people and, so it tells me, inspiring them.

Robj98168 said...

Hey you turned me into a skoy cloth using, letter writing packaging complainant person... the least I could do was put your vid on my blog!