Thursday, April 2, 2009

Move over CVG, I am the new Garden Geek

I have gone form Garden Nerd to Garden Geek- Overnight.
I have been having fun with It is a cool way to plan your garden using your computer. I have used garden software before but this is cool- Here you see my front yard plan!

I won my 1 year subscription on Cheap Vegetable Gardener, but right now is offering everyone a 30 day trial. This is like sims for gardeners. I know Melinda wrote about using it. I really feel it will be worth the $25 for a years subscription. Very easy to use, just drop and drag the plant you want into your plan! Along with plans, You have the ability to see your plant list and establish frost dates.

It even tells you best times to plant veggies. I need that! Very cool. Something about using technology to help you garden. Thanks Garden GeekCheap Veggie Gardener.

Now lets wait and see if I computerise grow lights and have temp sensors send information back to my computer.
But not tonight.
Tonight the plan is to take over the world!Thanks CVG!

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The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

I better keep an eye on you, don't want to lose my title. Glad you have a good time with the software.