Thursday, August 13, 2009

Using the Leek Flower

Someone gave me some leek flowers. And said they are good in salad. Well they were right. I made a mixed salad of some greens, lettuce and leek flowers. Then I put some on an omelet in place of parsley(Yes I am getting a tad bit obsessed with omelette's, unfortunately for my cholesterol), Who knew leek flowers would be so good! According to the food museum, elephant garlic is a leek! Next time or rather the first time I attempt to grow leeks, I am going to let some flower not only for the showy flowers for seeds, but the great tasting buds as well.

Leek Blossom Salad

a handful of leek flower buds
some Mustard greens
some lettuce

Mix the lettuce and the greens, top with the leek flower buds- use a nice vinaigrette for dressing.

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