Saturday, August 8, 2009

"I went to a garden party!"

The SuBu Community Gardeners enjoyed an evening of food, drink and merriement at the Community Garden tonight. The Weather cooperated, Romeo (mostly) behaved himself. It made for a great party!

Sitting around talking!

People had a good time conversing about local sustainablity issues.

My Grill in Action for you food porn devotees! The skewers were Red Pepper, a Mexican Summer Squash, Crimini Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, and Green Bell Peppers-Marinated in an Italian Dressing- all came from my garden or from the Farmer's market

There was no "agenda" per say. Just good conversation, eating and singing. I had made a promise NOT to channel Ricky Nelson so, no I did not sing "Garden Party". It was cool to have a low impact party, We used composting, recycling and any trash was hauled out by us.


Red Icculus said...

I am so jealous. I thought of doing the same thing in the fall, so we could trade or give away produce.

The closest I have been to a garden party is hanging out with the General Hydroponics crew and nerding out about plants for a couple days.

Great idea Rob!

Beany said...

Jealous of your garden party as well.

Those kabobs sound so yummy. I'm now hungry for them