Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whatcha Gonna Do With That Lid, Man???

Whatcha gonna do with that lid, man???

Conversation from high school in the seventies? No, The lid from my tuna fish can. Lemme ‘splain:
I have one of those newer fangled can openers that actually cuts the lid off from just below the ring, on the side of the can. Sometimes frustrating- I use to use the lid for strain the tuna fish, but now that is a thing of the past. Anyway, one of my coworkers noticed I save the lids and wanted to know what I would do with them.
So I thought. And Thought. Then it came to me! Coasters! I got out my Peel and stick cork shelf liner paper (This really is a must have- you can make trivets, coasters, line the underneath of lamps or make your own cork tabs for a cabinet door. Any hoo, I got out the cork paper (as I call it) used the bottom of a cleaned out tuna can for a template, traced out a circle in the cork paper, cut, peeled the paper covering the adhesive on the cork place it in the lid, and I have a cork coaster made from garbage. The rest of the can? Would make a great biscuit cutter or round cookie cutter. That’s all from my world!

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Chile said...

Nice re-use, man! Another fun use for lids is refrigerator magnets. Every year's phone book now includes a stupid business card magnet stuck to the front. I cut those to glue on the back of a lid and decorate the front. Sounds tacky? Not if you paint the lid first so it's not obviously a lid or get creative. The most simple one is our favorite - an old picture of my sweetie with our last dog perched on the chair arm next to him. I also really liked one I made with some of his miniature wood and palm nut turnings, cut in half to glue on and fill with dried tiny flowers.

EcoCatLady said...

Oooooooh... I gotta get me some cork paper! I can see about a billion places it would be useful!

Sophia said...

What a great use of something that would otherwise end up in the garbage can! I love the idea of using the tuna can for a biscuit cutter, too, since I don't have one of those yet (and probably won't ever get around to buying one). Thanks for the idea! :)

Dmarie said...

SUCH a great idea! wow!!

Condo Blues said...

So simple it's elegant. I tweeted a link to your post!