Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Frosted Window Panes

I decided, after much thought, to frost my bathroom window. Thought, because I wanted a frosted duo pane window, but did not want the expense and miserylabor of changing out the window with a new one. Since the bathroom has a door, And the thermostat is in the bedroom, I don’t get a lot of draft coming from there.
So I grabbed a can of spray glass frosting, and bordered the glass some two inch painters tape and divided the glass using 1” painter’s tape , turned the exhaust fan on in the bathroom and Sprayed away.

It took 4 light coats for an even finish, but well worth it… My bathroom window faces the neighbors kitchen window, so I won’t be flashing them anymore while they are eating their Cheerios, and I have a bit more privacy. The frosted window allows the light to come through and keeps my private parts well hid.
Before fall I plan on making a storm window for the outside of the window.

In retrospect, now I wished I had just frosted the whole window solid, but it is easy to correct. A razor scraper will remove the frosting and allow me to do that.
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Kate said...

We had a similar situation in our downstairs bathroom. I hated the curtains in there, but they were the only thing providing any privacy at all. I didn't know about spray paint frosting; might have used it if I had. Instead I got this plastic laminate stuff that just sticks to the glass without any glue. It has to be cut to fit. Now we've got a frosted window with a nice, not too fancy, arabesque pattern through it. It went up very fast, but probably cost more than your spray stuff. A tiny bonus is that the plastic layer is less conductive than glass, so it holds in a smidge more heat in winter.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

What a great idea! I didn't know that they made frosted spray paint.

Chile said...

We had French doors on the street side of our rental house in town that let the whole world see into the house. It didn't have a smooth finish like the spray, but I brushed matte medium (essentially glue) on the windows for privacy.

Friends of ours in Oregon did the frosting like you did but added a few fancy touches with leaf and shell cut-outs taped to the window while frosting.

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