Friday, March 18, 2011

Cheese in a Can!

Cheese in a can. No- I am not talking about spray cheese (one of my guilty pleasures). But I digress:
Beth, aka Fake Plastic Fish over at my Plastic Free Life, was blogging about plastic free cheese, or rather Cheese storage. I thought about Cougar Cheese. What is cougar cheese? It is cheese made at the Washington State University Creamery. WSU, being an "Agricultural College" in our state operates a creamery. And they sell the cheese. I cannot say the cougar gold or the cheddar are favorites of mine, but almost everyone I know raves about them. I am going to try the "Natural Viking", a jack type cheese. I just hope it doesn't hurt my U of W sensibilities. Big talk- considering I attended Highline Community College, or as we call it "Midway U".
one other cool thing- since it is canned, makes it a great choice for those pesky emergency food supply kits... doesn't need refrigeration to store for a period of time.
Anyway, yes I know that cans are lined with a thin film of plastic. But considering I will keep the can and turn it into a bank for more cheese, I am not worried. Just don't tell Beth!

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