Thursday, June 17, 2010

STAY! GiveAway

Allie and fan, another blog writer turned author Mandy. Mandy's book comes out in October!

Today I had the good fortune to take a day off of work and go and meet Author Allie Larkin, and her great husvand, Jeremy. A quick bio on Allie- she has been around the blog world for awhile with "Allies Answers" which turned into "the Greenists" where she and a bunch of friends take turns writing about ways to green your life and your pets life as well.

As for her book "Stay!" which I reviewed a week or so ago, is a great book. About a girl, the man of her dreams, her best friend (who marries said man of her dreams), the dog of her dreams (which she bought on the internet from Slovakia while drunk on Vodka and Grape Kool Aid (the aftermath of being maid of honor at the wedding of her best friend and man of her dreams) and the vetrinarian of her dreams.

NOW TO THE GIVEAWAY- Since I Rob, got to hear Allie do a reading, I Have a great giveaway... a copy of "Stay". But not just any copy... a copy of Stay signed by the author herself!!! Could be worth millions some day. Especially after Allie wins a Pulitzer, and they make "Stay" into a movie starring Jennifer Aniston or Amy Adams. Hey it could happen.

Anyway the usual entry rules apply- leave a comment to this post. Thats it. Done. The winner will be selected by random a week from now On June 25th at midnight PST.


The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

I am always up for a free book (signed even). Hey Rob unless I missed you I haven't seen your entry for my latest contest yet :)

H2 said...

I'm just as frugal as the cheap vegetable gardener and I'm not letting him/her get this book without a little competition.

Congrats to Allie Larkin on her book!

Anonymous said...

The book sounds good and entertaining. Please add my name to the drawing. Thanks!