Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Be A Patriot... Ride Mass Transit

I have been riding the bass to work. Everyday for two weeks... Personally I think it is Patriotic.
I know not everyone can ride mass transit. Until recently I couldn't see riding a bus to work. Then I discovered the busline that runs by my Mom's apartment also is the same bus line that runs four blocks from where I work. The only problem- The last bus on the run to go home is 20 minutes too soon for me. So I talked to my boss about starting 20 minutes early. No real problems he said. So that was settled I could ride the bus to work.
FUEL SAVINGS- Dollar wise, I don't notice much. I know it saves on wear and tear on my vehicle.And it takes 40 minutes out of my day. No big deal. I just sit on the bus and relax and enjoy a cup of herbal tea or coffee. And I have to get out into my community. When walking you notice things, and when riding you notice things.
The one big Advantage: Each time I ride the bus, I feel like I am raising my middle finger in the air to BP, whom I have a feeling is of the attitude that we are not mad enough to stop driving our cars. Which is true, we aren't. We all get pissed off and mad for a short while, then we get in our cars to go to work. Or to the store. Or wherever. See, I feel that our addiction to oil is the problem, and companies like BP are the dealer to our addiction.
Now, I am not claiming perfection, I still drive to other places. But my point is…
Yes the buses still use petrol and diesel to run. But a full bus runs on less per person. It's like car pooling. And helps lower our dependance on foreign oil, (the patriotism part) and in turn makes us more self sustaining. The next step is to maybe get an electric bike and ride to work!

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