Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More about Allie Larkin and "Stay"

Allie Larkin and Argo

Allie Larkin is a writer. And she asked me if I would host a stop on her "Stay" Blog Book Tour. She even sent me a copy of her book "Stay".
She said Stay wasn't particularily a enviromental book. I told her, that the book is about a girl and her dog... it has to be an enviromental book, anyway I read the book- just finished it - started it last night at 10pm; made it through the day and work... so the whole book in a 24 hour period. That to me is a sign of a good book (I can't put it down until done).

"Stay" is a great book. It features characters that you want to get to know. The main character, Van (short for Savannah) is like most of my female friends. Get her dander up, and a few drinks and she will cuss you a new one. The fact that someone would order a dog, let alone a German Shepard, over the internet is an amusing premise. But Van is lonely, mourning her mother, and Peter, the love of her life who just married her best friend. So Enter Joe, big beautiful german shepard from Slovakia, and her new relationship with Alex Brendt, veterinarian. The fact that Joe would and could become a major part of her is reality gone great. The characters in "Stay" are real enough that you can get angry with them, sad with them, laugh with them. I am wondering who is going to play Van in the movie?
Really, I am looking forward to Allie's next novel. I predict she will be our next great fiction talent. Especially with a debut like "Stay"

Thanks Allie for making Rob's World a stop on your "Stay" Blog tour. Can't wait to meet you at your book signing on the 17th.

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