Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hey Easy on the Drano!!!

I thought it would be good to post about 'gentler' drain un-clogging. You know - from a plumber's perspective! Drain Cleaners like Liquid plum'r, Drano are not so kind to your pipes, and are not so kind to sewage and septic systems. Their main ingredient is hydrochloric acid. Which is neither good for you or the environment. Here I am offering a few kinder gentler ways to unclog your pipes:

A "Drain King" system-apprx $25-35 for the complete set up of the drain king, hose, faucet adapter and drain adapter (for sink drains). May seem a tad expensive at first, but the first time you use this product you will fall in love with it. It works buy plugging your drain and then pushing a high amount of water through it. Not the best on bathroom sinks (due to the overflow drain) but works well on drain lines, kitchen sinks. Side benefit... Unplugs downspouts as well!

An old fashion plumbers helper- (A.K.A. "a Force cup"or "Plunger"), it will shoot a simple shot of air in your pipes.

Zip It Hair Clog Remover I first saw on of these in the Safeway house ware aisle. I also scoffed the first time I saw one. But, have been amazed how much hair it grabs out of the shower drain. Very simple, cheap answer to simple hair clogs. Keeps morning arguments to a minimum.

An old fashioned plumbers helper- (A.K.A. "a Force cup"), it will shoot a simple shot of air in your pipes.

A toilet snake- or "Auger" will work well to force out those nasty toilet plugs. A necessity if you have kids who like to flush their bobo bears down the toilet to see if they can swim or not. AT work this has helped me fish out all sorts of toys at the daycare center as well as cell phones and pagers and make up cases in the "adult" buildings, not to mention folks who apparentely have never seen toilet paper before and just love using it- 1/2 roll at a time!
A sewer auger- this is more pro tool than home owner tool, but many are available from tool rental stores. Using them is a tad complicated but well worth it, especially if you have a clean out on the line you want to clear. Hint if you are going to auger your toilet line, take the toilet of first.

A "Drill Auger"- Like a sewer auger but a bit more reasonable cost wise. ($25-$35) Great for using on smaller lines, sink lines. You power it with your own Drill Motor
Baking Soda- I cannot vouch for this as I don't do it, but I am told that pouring 1 cup of baking soda down the drain works well to clean out the gunk. Flush with water.
Strainer: The simplest way to stop clogs before they start. I have a strainer in the bathtub, one that fits in the drain. I think it is in upside down, but works better this way.
And I found a strainer for the kitchen sink... One that fits in the disposal drain hole
Speaking of Garbage Disposals- Don't know much about them... don't use one per se, As I have a septic system and don't want to fill my tank with stuff that can fill my composter with. But am told a little lemon juice and Baking soda makes them fresh smelling. Also a good hint is to crush a few Ice Cubes in the disposal.
Try these first before calling this guy:


Oldnovice said...

On your recommend, I already ordered that sawlike piece of thin plastic because all our drain clogs are caused by MY hair.

Robj98168 said...

@Oldnovice- I am sure you will wonder how you lived without it, As long as you can take the gross.

Condo Blues said...

I have a drill auger that fits on my electric drill. We've had lots of clog problems that a plunger and pouring various stuff down the drain never really fixed. I actually did a little dance in Lowes when he ran over to another part of the store and said he was buying it. It was the best $20 my husband ever spent.