Sunday, June 6, 2010

Slowing down = the weekly challenge update

I don't know if I am slowing down or what, but only have 1 challenge to update. Or maybe some other bloggers are getting old and slow- I won't mention names!
Sharon's Independence Days Challenge Week 20, Year 3
1. Plant something: some chard seeds, some lettuce seeds, radish seeds
2. Harvest something: Thinnings or Micro Greens what have you- The seedlings I thined out of the community garden plot; Some mesclun; radishes
3. Preserve something: Froze a big old ham bone for soup
4. Waste Not: Mom made ham for Sunday dinner, Me and my dog will enjoy that ham bone in bean soup, I of course will boil the meat off the bone, then he can have that bone! There was enough ham leftover to feed me all week long!
5: Want not: Pound of fresh picked cherries form the farmer's market, and of course a bundle of asparagus; got a new Sofa Table- fresh from the dumpster!
6. Preparation and Storage: Cleaned front yard- made room for new planting bed!
7. Build Community Food Systems: took some raspberry plants to the community garden so they could plant them
8. Eat the food "Eat/cook something new- Ate the thinnings in a ham sandwich; mesclun mix in a salad;

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