Sunday, June 20, 2010

Big weekend at the Wild Strawberry Festival

It was a very cold day for June on Saturday. And Rainy on Sunday. It didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits at this years Wild Strawberry Festival in Burien, My Fair City, as attendance seemed good.
The Bike Fair was a great thing.

a van outfitted with a Metro Bus Bike Rack to demonstrate how to load your bike on a bus

I personally learned how to use the Bike racks on our Metro Buses. And got some great information on bikes and commuting in King County.Not that I am going to start commuting by bus/bike or any thing. More on that tomorrow. But it is great to know how to.

Just some of 24 unwanted or unused bikes going for a new life!

Bike Works - the unique orginization who takes unwanted and unused bikes to rebuild. They also allow underprivledged youth work for credit on the bikes to earn a bike!
There was even a green landscaper there at the bike fair

And there where over 24 bikes donated to Bike Works so thats 24 bikes that will find a new home and not be entered into the waste stream.

People seemed to like the Bike Rack made from a futon. Also, seems I missed my calling- people all over asked me where I got my T-shirt that said "I Bike B-Town".

The logo I put on my t-shirt

When I told them I made it they asked if I was selling them. I had to say no, I only made them for myself and a few volunteers. But gives me some job ideas for when I retire!

Wild Coastal Strawberry Plants- Native and a great ground cover
The Sustainable Burien Booth went off good as well... this year we were handing out free Native Coastal Strawberry plants, donated by one of our members who has these instead of grass for her yard. And we were handing out bags of Used Coffee grounds, donated by Burien Press, for people to use for soil ammendment, or put in their compost or worm bins. Didn't get to see much of the Fathers' Day Car Show but honestly those are more fun to be a participant in than a spectator!
My only complaint was the lack of food vendors. No Elephant Ears??? No Funnel Cakes??? Damn I had to make do with Corn on a stick and cotton candy.


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Bike Works sounds like a great opportunity for the youth to learn the value of a skill. I hope they get lots of interested folks involved.

Sounds like a great day - bikes and berries! I wish I could have been there.

Condo Blues said...

You could upload your design and sell bike t-shirts through CafePress. Then there's no overhead issues for you and you don't have to deal with storing a bunch of t-shirts until they sell. They make them on demand.

Robj98168 said...

4Bushel- THey are a great group.

CB- I know about Cafe Press... Our family reunion shirts are from them... There wasn't time to do a cafe press shop for the B-Town Bike shirts... and since I own a platen iron and know how to make transfers... You get the picture?!!!