Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nom Nom Nom... Independence Days Update

Missed last week so here is two weeks worth of update. Didn't do much as we are just now getting summer, and was very busy with the Bike Fair, Wild Strawberry Festival and crap I do in June every year. No wonder my yard looks like a tornado landed in it!A couple of the tomato plants in buckets am experiementing with this year. Flanked by the old Plymouth
Independence Days Challenge Year 3, Weeks 22 & 23
1. Plant something: Radishes, transplanted a couple of tomatoes
2. Harvest something: Radishes, pineapple weed, clover heads, bok choy, tomato.
3. Preserve something: dried some more pineapple weed for tea,
4. Waste Not: Got a couple of more pieces of cardboard for community garden
5: Want not: Found a replacement Bike seat for one of my old single speeds at a garage sale for a quarter! Bought a half flat of strawberries at the strawberry festival.
6. Preparation and Storage:Nothing
7. Build Community Food Systems:Manned the booth for Sustainable Burien, Passing out used coffee grounds and wild strawberry plants, answered questions about the community garden.
8. Eat the Food (cook or eat something new): Strawberries n crème, homemade strawberry "ice cream", bok choy and tomato in salad

Garden Challenge "Extreme Evangelist Edition"Nothing new. Just carrying on carrying on.

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