Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Night Kitchen - A restaurant for the nite owls

Okay I know I am not a pro chef, or a foodie, I just love good food and every once in awhile need to write about great food experiences-

Every once in awhile, something great happens on the late shift that makes you glad to work nights. The Night Kitchen in downtown Seattle is one of those things. Chef Avalon Zanoni’s Pacific Northwest-styled take on New American Cuisine incorporates favorite dishes from all over the US. The Night Kitchen has hours that most would find unusual-6pm to 9am- The perfect restaurant for local night owls.Their menu includes comfort foods, lots of local cheeses and veggies from local farmers. People can eat and relax in the dining room or in the lounge with drink and snack service for those who want to relax and play a game or get some work done.
Martin had the Mac and Cheese

This trip I had the cheese board, a selection of three cheese chosen from their menu board, Fig Confiture, Crostini followed by a serving of Fries, that came with their homemade dipping sauces. I particularily liked how the fries were served, in a metal vase lined with paper. like a big ice cream cone- very smart! The prices are moderate to high, in concordance to the quality of the food. Dinner served from 6pm to midnight and after midnight, late-night snacks plus a full breakfast menu. As they say there is nothing better than breakfast in the middle of the night. Amd I must agree.

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Chile said...

Interesting concept, workable in a city environment. Have they been pretty successful? Do they have problems with drunk or stone people coming in in the wee hours of the morning, or do the higher prices help weed them out?