Sunday, April 12, 2009

Upside Down Tomatoes- The Weekly Challenge Update

This week I made some great Upside down tomato planters thanks to Cheap Vegetable Gardener; Discovered some potatoes sprouting in the potato condo. And my scallions are sprouting too!
Sharon's Independence Days Challenge-
Plant Something: Columnar Apple trees, peas, elderberry bush, strawberry plants, zucchini plants, tomato plants(not my seed plants)
Harvest Something: Some carrots (wintered over) Some Chard
Preserve something: dehyrdated some parsley
Store something: dehydrated parsley into jar
Manage Reserves: made some upside down tomato planters
Cook Something New: My take on McDougalls Bean Tacos
Prep Something:
Reduce Waste(recycle, reuse, reduce or compost something): Made some topsy turvy tomato planters; made a clock out of a collectable Altoids tin,
Learn a New Skill: Learned how to make upside down tomato planters
Work on Community Food Security: For a friend’s birthday, I bought him 4 tomato plants (he and girl friend just moved to a house and wants to garden) and some seeds and tools. Best part of all- no wrapping involved!

Melinda’s Growing Challenge- Got my columnar apple trees planted- LOL looks like I planted three sticks- Hopefully they will be full of apples next season; also planted peas, strawberries, zucchini, some tomato plants for topsy turvey planters.

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: Not much this week just a clock kit and some duct tape.

Crunchy’s sustainable food budget challenge: $18.50(10.00freezer goods- home froze and boughten, breakfast out (car club meeting- $8.50); Trader Joes Food Items-$30.00; food I took for party 18.00 Starbucks visits $9; lunch at work-$6 Total spent- $90
$283 - $90= 193 left in budget

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Condo Blues said...

I grew upside down tomatoes last summer. It took me a bit to get the watering amount and schedule just right but I had tomatoes! I hope to do better this year though.