Wednesday, April 8, 2009

MacDougalled... No Meat Wednesday

Today was a challenge- Lunch at work was simply some noodles, with some cabbage, carrots and peas (sounds like a repeat of last week). For a snack I bought a couple of slices of cheese. Now on to the Macdougall Recipe- You know I can't follow a recipe exactly. I chose to make Bean Tacos. Cooked beans I had some pintos that I pulverised in the food processor. The rest of the recipe- well I had no fresh chopped tomatoes so I used frozen, I had no iceberg lettuce so I used some Swiss chard. I did have some nice spring onion though, and I used regular flour tortillas instead of corn.

Rob's Swiss-Italian tacos- inspired by Macdougall's Bean Taco recipe

About 1 cup of beans,

about 2 handfuls(2 cups) of chard

two tomatoes chopped

1/2 cup of chopped spring onion, including the stem.

Layer it on a tortilla or taco shell and eat. The chard gives it a nutty flavor. And did you think I forgot about cheese? Well I could have gone with cheddar but chose instead to go with some soy mozzarella I got at Trader Joes. All in all it was very good.

And I know every time I eat no-meat, an angel gets it's wings.


Chile said...

LOL, Rob, you're getting closer on the spelling. Take out the first "a" and you'll be there.

I love adding veggies to my bean burritos. Another tasty way to eat spring onions is grilled with a little salt and pepper. Yep, the green stems, too.

Robj98168 said...

That's how I grill asparagus. Plentiful here in spring time.