Sunday, April 5, 2009

Johnny Appleseed I Ain't- Weekly Challenge Update

Not a pic of my columar apple tree, but with a little luck...
What a week! I had to work this weekend so didn't get much done on the challenge front. I did however get some neat plants! And I got some things planted!
Sharon's Independence Days Challenge-

Plant Something: Sprouts, Planted some “Walla Walla Sweets” onions, My artichoke. My columnar apple trees are in and they need to get planted as well as an elderberry bush and strawberries. I will plant them Monday as I have some free time.

Harvest something: some sprouts

Preserve something: nope

Store something: Nope

Manage Reserves: In the process of building some new raised beds.

Cook Something New: Not this week

Prep Something: Got busy in the compost bin- added chicken manure and turned the compost.

Reduce Waste (Reduce,Re-Use, ReCycle,Repair) : Got some steel truck wheels off Free-cycle- which I plan on turning into Foot stools;
Learn a New Skill: Learned the thing

MELINDA'S BUY SUSTAINABLY CHALLENGE: got my columnar fruit trees, an elderberry bush, and strawberries from Raintree Nursery which I got using a gift certificate, bought some topsoil and some chicken manure. The topsoil goes in the garden; the chicken manure goes in the compost bin

Melinda’s Growing Challenge- tomato starts are still not dead- got my columnar fruit trees, an elderberry bush, and strawberries from raintree nursery

Crunchy’s sustainable food budget challenge: Okay so far- my budget is $283 after figuring out that I am 1.5 people. So far, we have lived out of the freezer, I am guessing about $10 – I did have breakfast out yesterday- So add another $8.50 to the total


Farmer's Daughter said...

So how did the apple tree planting go?

And why are you 1.5 people? I'd like to be 1.5 people!!!

Robj98168 said...

LOL Apple tree planting went fine- it looks like three sticks in the ground. I am 1.5 people as I cook dinner for martin nightly. I figured that was a fair way for means the spirit of the challenge. I didn't want to post as two