Friday, April 3, 2009

More Garden Help

Yesterday I wrote about the Virtues of Today I think I will share some of the amazing places I go to find garden answers:

SquareFoot Gardening Club Group This group was started years ago by some curmudgeon on the old Yahoo Clubs. Now they are "Yahoo Groups" and this one is still going strong. People ask general gardening questions, and (almost) always get 2 or 3 answers. People in this group are generally devotees of Mel Bartholemew's Square Foot Gardening, a great book by the PBS Show Host. That guy who started the group might be a curmudgeon, but a damn fine looking dude, if I say so myself.

Edible Container Gardens Group Another great Yahoo Group. This one stays on the subject of Container Gardens- Edible Container Gardens!

Garden Nerd The ultimate resource for garden Nerds. And they got cool coffee mugs.

Cheap Vegetable Gardener Always has entertaining posts about economical gardening.

Clean Air Gardening The place to go for Environmentally Friendly Lawn & Garden Supplies Everything you could want to know about hydroponics. And making beer. A very Liquid site.

One Green Generation- Takes an ecological look at gardening. And the home of The Growing Challenge-Seed to Seed

The Crunchy Chicken okay, not generally a garden site, but where else could you go to learn about peeing on your plants? (although I think all twelve year old boys ALREADY know the joy of peeing on the tomato plants) Ms. Chicken does have some great posts on gardening. Served with her asorbic wit!

Freedom Gardens- a great site with posting boards, groups and lots of info. Started by the Dervaes Family in Pasadena CA

So there you have just a few sites I go to to glean the knowledge of others. What are some of the places you have found to gain garden knowledge?

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Red Icculus said...

You have pointed out a bunch of great blogs. A few of yours are already on my list.

I actually have a whole list of gardening blogs:

-Gen Hydro blog:
-Maximum Yield:
-My Simple Home Garden:

-Self-Sufficient Life
-Mr. Brown Thumb
-One Green Generation

-The Compost Bin
-Red Worm Composting