Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is Earth Day relevant?

This is the theme of the current APLS carnival.
Is earth day relevant? Well, it is the one time of year we celebrate earth. I see hope in the world- All of a sudden solar power and wind power are becoming more important, I see an elected official and his wife plan a garden in the white house. I see companies take some responsibility for the waste that their products make ( thanks to the tenacity of a blogger)But why not all year long? Doesn't Earth deserve 365 days of our respect and reverence? I think so. So this year, I will take my shopping bags (not forgetting them at home), always carry my own cup for coffee or water, Go meatless one day a week, participate in all of Crunchy's challenges. I will be jubilant in that I live in an wildlife habitat. I will continue my quest for electric transportation, I will get more involved in local community.

These are all great promises- but what if I forget my shopping bag or forget and buy a coffee without my muggsly? Will the earth suddenly gasp and die?

Probably not. And while doing those things is important- unless a lot more people start doing them they aren't going to amount to a hill of scarlet runner beans.

But What I do Know:

I know the best way to get folks to change is example. Maybe that's what Earth Day should be thought of- As a day of example, maybe that should be the relevance of Earth Day.

I know that doing these things is important, and I hope by leading living by example others will as well. Well that is except for the Bulgarian electrician I work with. He scoffs at my solar powered security lights- But, I have seen hope- my mom, the "plastic bag queen" uses a shopping bag now. And I don't get mad at her and bitch about it when she forgets to bring it. She is also getting good at bringing her own containers to thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to take home leftovers. I guess these are called baby steps. And I will celebrate them.
My Solar powered Security Light

So Happy Earth Day everybody. I hope it is relevant and meaningful for you.

Now if I could get the Bulgarian to try a solar powered security light.


Beany said...

You have a much more positive attitude about this than I do right now. I went to Earth Day and wondered why anyone even bothered to have Earth Day.

Robj98168 said...

Not so much a poitive attitude, bean. More like the glass is half full and somebody is sticking a snatch straw in it.