Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm just doing the Nueton dance

OK, OK- I know Earth Day is not supposed to be about commercialism. But I have been thinking about this for a year or better now. Not an electric car, but a lawn mower-I ordered a Nueton CE-5 lawn mower yesterday.

That's right I am getting rid of my Murray Yard Machine lawn tractor. And going electric. The CE-5 is a battery operated rechargeable lawn mower with neat accessories. Like a built -in line trimmer. I can even order an drink/tool holder for it.

The accessories pack comes with the trimmer, 24 Volt Spare Battery Spare, 14” Cutting Blade, and Blade Sharpener. so no more starting up the tractor and smogging the neighborhood. Now lets take bets on how long until I save up and by a scooter to make my electric riding lawnmower.

Anyone who reads this blog should know I use electric lawn maintenance whenever possible- especially after I read that running a leaf blower for a short time is like driving a Cadillac El Dorado for over 1000 miles. Not to mention the noise. The Nueton should solve that problem. I also know that I can mow the yard with an electric mower- I have mowed the entire yard with my corded lawnmower- a definite improvement of why I bought the tractor to begin with- I had a bought with congestive heart failure a couple of years ago, and in short- combined with allergies could not mow the yard. So after paying the lawn maintenance guys to give the yard a clean-up, I panicked at the thought of adding that bill to my monthly debits. I was looking for a simple riding lawnmower, and bought a simple lawn tractor. But that was then this is now. I am fully able to mow by hand once again. And if I get tired I can always buy an little rascal and tow the mower around! I suppose I could always mow with a push reel mower... and frogs could fly out my butt!

Anybody in the market for a gently used lawn tractor???

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Crunchy Chicken said...

Cool, let me know how it works out. I just can't use our push mower anymore because of my back, so I'm thinking of getting an electric.