Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nice Undies!!!

Nothing says summer like a touch of beefcake! So here is a pic of me in my new Jockey "Stay Cool" Briefs.
Okay. I confess...
That pic is not me. Well, it's my face, not my body.
I am much tanner, and I don't wear "skinny" jeans. My legs are too muscular.
But I am enjoying the Stay Cool Underwear I won at Condo Blues Undies giveaway. I am really liking these briefs! Just a note: Lisa, when I am sitting around in nothing but my underwear, I will be thinking of you. If you aren't reading Condo Blues, you really should, besides great giveaways, she is fluent in Green speak, tool speak, Pirate speak and Peke speak.

1 comment:

Condo Blues said...

Thank you for that mental picture Rob. Excuse me while I wash it out of my brain out with battery acid. Don't worry, it's RECLAIMED battery acid 'cuz I like to keep it green.

I'm glad you enjoy your space panties!