Monday, September 26, 2011

Easy ways to try "heat retention" cooking

Well I know Chile has done it. So has Fleecenik farms. Do what? Heat retention cooking A.K.A. Hay Box cooking. This is an great an easy way to cook dishes like Quinoa or pasta or rice. Here are some easy ways to try heat retention cooking.
1- Cooler Cooking-
Via my frugal friends, the two frugal chicks a week or so ago posted how to cook cooler corn, Simply take a clean cooler, place your ears of corn in it, pour boiling water over it and close the lid for 30 minutes. I tried it with a couple of ears of corn and a smaller cooler... and it worked!
I have also tried Thermos pasta (just put your serving of pasta in a coffee thermos and pour in hot water to the top and in 10 minutes you should have perfectly cooked pasta.

Heat Retention Cooking:
Thermos cooking:

Note: you can find stainless steel thermos at thrift stores and garage sales for cheap!


Condo Blues said...

That's brilliant! I hard boiled eggs in my electric tea kettle using the same method. It works better than a pot on the stove.

The Cheap Vegetable Gardener said...

Just have to use fancy terms like Sous vide :)

Anonymous said...
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